If you are a fan of sports betting, then mix parlay betting is not unfamiliar. However, many beginners still have many questions about how to place this type of bet. Therefore, in today's article, people will have a general overview of this form of entertainment.
What is mix parlay betting?
Mix parlay betting has long been not a difficult question to answer for those who have been closely associated with football betting. This type of bet is also known to many people as a string bet, called Mix Parlay in English. It will combine with different odds in one single bet ticket, creating attraction for players.
When participating in this type of bet, players do not need too much initial capital but still have the opportunity to earn huge profits. To do that, players need to win all the bets they place. And this method has long been the choice of many experts and professionals.
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What are the rules of mix parlay betting that participants need to remember?
In fact, the rules of mix parlay betting are relatively simple and easy to understand alongside the concept of what mix parlay betting is.
Players can place multiple different bets at the same time but must be at least two matches or more. In addition, players also need to choose the corresponding odds for themselves. These attractive betting odds will be announced by the house for players to research and compare easily.
Method of calculating scores when participating in mixed betting
After understanding what mixed betting is in soccer betting, players also need to know how to calculate their scores. This will determine a lot about your future winning prospects.
Calculating scores for Asian handicap and over/under bets
Asian handicap and over/under bets are two popular forms of betting today, becoming the choice of many people. Therefore, calculating scores is something that everyone should not ignore when playing these types of bets.
The simple method of calculating scores in Asian handicap mixed betting is:
Score received = Winning odds x [(Odds of winning ½ – 1):2] x ½ (if losing half) x 1 (if drawing).
People also need to understand the meaning of the terms in the formula above:
If the bet ends in a draw, the player only needs to take the profit and multiply it by 1.
If the bet loses half, you will take the mixed odds and divide by 2.
In the case of winning in a half bet within the mixed bet, the formula (Odds ratio -1) : 2 + 1 will be used.
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Calculating scores for European handicap
The formula for calculating scores for European handicap bets will be much simpler than Asian handicap. Players only need to use the following formula:
Amount received = Betting odds 1 x Betting odds 2 x Betting odds 3 x Betting amount.
What to consider when participating in handicap betting
With a simple scoring formula and rules, many people have quickly started playing handicap betting. However, not everyone who participates can easily win. Therefore, when participating in betting, players need to pay attention to the following:
People should not be too greedy and play too many handicaps at once. The most reasonable number of handicaps that helps everyone win the most easily is from 2 to 4.
For handicaps with 3 or more legs, players not only place bets on the main handicap but can also participate in other displayed betting markets on the bookmaker's website.
Players should only participate in handicap betting at reputable and high-quality bookmakers in the market today. There are many bookmakers set up only to cheat on bets, so people need to be extremely vigilant and attentive.
Players should only place bets when they are sure that their winning rate is up to 75%. Because handicap betting is only considered a win when all the markets you participate in win. If you lose only one market, the player will lose the entire initial bet.
If you want to play in the long run, you need to divide your capital into many parts.
Expert shares experience playing handicap betting for big wins
In addition to the above notes, players need to have a lot of experience to be able to win. Therefore, experts and professionals often share many tips for winning big in handicap betting.
Some experiences that players need to accumulate when participating in handicap betting are:
Understanding the rules and playing rules when participating in handicap betting is the most important thing.
Always have a spirit of learning and acquiring knowledge and experience everywhere. Because only then will you have many ways to play betting, increasing the winning rate.
Knowing how to run the handicap at the right time will significantly increase the winning rate.
You must know your ability and playing style to then find ways to promote strengths and limit weaknesses.
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So, what handicap betting is and related information about this type of betting have been clearly presented in today's article. Hopefully, the above information will help people discover a new way of football betting. From there, you will have more opportunities to win and new, attractive experiences.